Eye Treatments

  • Peptide Lash

    Peptide Lash

    Longer & Thicker Lash Lid Skin Cell Regeneration Bioptima Medicals’ Peptide Lash is a brilliant and natural lash conditioner that…


  • Vitamin K Arnica DCX Eye Cream

    Vitamin K Arnica DCX Eye Cream

    Dark Circle & Puffiness Reduction Hypoallergenic, Non comedogenic 15ml e     1/2Fl.oz.


  • DCX Eye Cream

    DCX Eye Cream

    Smoothing and Softening For Sensitive Skin Powerfully effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness associated with stress and allergies. DCX…


  • Intensive Rich Eye Cream

    Intensive Rich Eye Cream

    Eye Contour Anti Wrinkle Bioptima Medicals’ Intense Rich Eye Cream is the support your skin requires to whip the alignment…


  • DCX Dark Circle Under Eye Serum

    DCX Dark Circle Under Eye Serum

    Intensive Dark Circle Reduction & Tired-Looking Eyes Care Bioptima Medicals’ DCX Dark Circle Under Eye Serum is a dynamic and…


  • ATX Super Boost Serum

    ATX Super Boost Serum

    Botulimun-Toxin-Like Effect Expression Wrinkles Reduction ATX is an innovative approach that brings a new peptide to release the skin’s own…


  • ATX Double Action Gel

    ATX Double Action Gel

    After BTX Booster The alternative to Botox ®, Bioptima Medicals’ ATX Double Action Gel is a non-toxic anti-aging formula made…


  • Instant Wrinkle Eraser Cream

    Instant Wrinkle Eraser Cream

    Instant Face Tightening Dry to Normal Skin Bioptima Medicals’ Wrinkle Eraser Cream is an illusionary cream that fills in the…


  • Ultra Lash

    Ultra Lash

    Lash VolumizerA unique eyelash conditioner and volumizer that with daily use provides noticeable results. Bioptima Medicals’ Ultra Lash magnifies and…