After Laser and Micro Needling/Dermabrasion Care

  • HGF Youth Serum

    HGF Youth Serum

    Post Laser/Micro-needling/Peeling A fountain of youth in a bottle; this natural and ingenious solution, can restore years to your appearance…


  • Multi Peptide Cream

    Multi Peptide Cream

    Skin Texture Replacement after Wight Loss Bioptima Medicals’ Multi-Peptide Cream adds the innovative properties of Multi Peptide Serum with the…


  • Oxygen Plasma Serum

    Oxygen Plasma Serum

    Blood Circulation Enhancement Post Laser/Micro-dermabrasion If you’re tired of conventional treatments, then your skin may require a breath of fresh…


  • Super Hyaluronic Cream

    Super Hyaluronic Cream

    Skin Cell Re-growth Stimulation Dry Skin Intense Hydration Sugar technology, Super Hyaluronic Cream is the ultimate nourishing cream for smoother,…


  • Squalane + Vitamin E

    Squalane + Vitamin E

    Dry & Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Bioptima Medicals’ Squalane + Vitamin E is a powerful moisturizing and protecting formula. This resourceful…


  • Citrus Stem Cell Cream

    Citrus Stem Cell Cream

    Younger Skin Wrinkle & Line Prevention Bioptima Medicals’ Citrus Stem Cell Cream is a state of the art formula that…


  • Essential Lipids

    Essential Lipids

    After-shaving & Depilation Soothing Protection All Skin Types A silicone-based moisturizer that provides a protective barrier on the skin, Essential…


  • Collagen Synthesizer

    Collagen Synthesizer

    After Laser/Micro-needling Collagen Synthesizer Refresh, restore, renew. As peptides have become increasingly popular and effective among the wrinkle-reducing skin care…


  • Biomarine Defense Cream

    Biomarine Defense Cream

    Under Makeup Wrinkle Prevention Unlock the secrets of the sea with Bioptima Medicals’ Biomarine Therapy Cream. When it comes to…