Adoris Ruby

  • Rich Repairing Night

    Rich Repairing Night

    Anti-wrinkle & Anti-aging Bed Pressure Folds & Lines Protection This night-time Moisturizer uses Cotton Thistle Extract to repair damaged skin…


  • Telomere DNA Repair Cream

    Telomere DNA Repair Cream

    Cellular Damage Repair Tone & Elasticity Enhancement” Unfortunately, as you get older your skin cells weaken. They wither and sag…


  • Oxygen Plasma Serum

    Oxygen Plasma Serum

    Blood Circulation Enhancement Post Laser/Micro-dermabrasion If you’re tired of conventional treatments, then your skin may require a breath of fresh…


  • Make Up Remover

    Make Up Remover

    All Purpose Bioptima Medicals’ Makeup Remover is an excellent makeup removal solution that provides the necessary cleaning power, without irritating…


  • Ultimate Protection Tinted Moisturizer

    Ultimate Protection Tinted Moisturizer

    Antiaging, Water& Sweat,  Resistant Hypoallergenic, Non comedogenic 60ml e     2Fl.oz.


  • Instant Lip Plumper

    Instant Lip Plumper

    Instant Fuller & More Glowing Lips Size: 7.5 ml Bioptima Medicals’ Instant Lip Plumper immediately delivers a hydrating lip plumping…


  • Super Hyaluronic Cream

    Super Hyaluronic Cream

    Skin Cell Re-growth Stimulation Dry Skin Intense Hydration Sugar technology, Super Hyaluronic Cream is the ultimate nourishing cream for smoother,…


  • Lip Plumper Balm

    Lip Plumper Balm

    Up to 70% Softer & 40% Fuller Lips For beautiful, more luscious lips without injections or surgery, Lip Plumper Balm…


  • All In One Cream

    All In One Cream

    Ultimate Hydration Anti-Oxidant + Vitamins As the name implies, All In One Cream provides maximum results in the treatment of…