Squalane + Vitamin E

  • Dry & Sensitive Skin Moisturizing

    Bioptima Medicals’ Squalane + Vitamin E is a powerful moisturizing and protecting formula. This resourceful treatment uses a combination of Squalane and Vitamin E to provide the necessary moisture and nutrients to protect, revive and reinvigorate the skin. Squalane is a pure and natural moisturizer. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and skin-protecting nutrient, ensuring that any moisture and aging due to environmental factors is quickly recovered and restored.

    • Moisturizing and protector for both dry and irritated skin
    • Smoothes skin and softens wrinkles
    • Revitalizes damaged skin and stimulates healing
    • Is an antioxidant
    • Stain free and odorless

15ml e     1/2Fl.oz.

Apply sparingly. For dry, sensitive areas. Use as required.
Daily use of Bioptima Medicals’ sunblock products with the range of our skin care products is highly recommended.
Squalane Oil, Vitamin E

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